Pagan erotic rituals of far North

All Commentaries From " Capitol Hill Daily " in the 24th Century. Planet Cactusia. Milky Way galaxy.
Just before December 21. the sky turn navy blue with very low clouds, and horizon line just vanished. It was hard to tell the solid ground from gassy substance
All winter women wore red pull over sweaters at home and to church with open chest and belly bottom. Most had silver studs
The language they spoke far North very much resemble the sound of this exotic plant or rather flower, which flourished up North and stayed active in summer month. The flower consumed flys and other bugs. In Botanical Encyclopedia it was called Rex Coña Omus. And the sound it made resembled broken starter in Toyota models from 1980's. Linguists speculate the origins of all languages on the planet have their roots in this unique looking plant.

Winters were long and brutal. Some weeks on end the winds were blowing snow and visibility was pitch white. Bachelor men were mostly lonely hunters or degenerate school teachers living all to themselves on the fringes of settlements. Both kind kept a mushroom type of plant called " Zhopnik "( accent on a second syllable ). And was it used for personal entertainment as well as a companion. Occasionally when over fed, it exhorted spicy flavored gas and the owner had an opportunity to curse it with rich Northern profanity or weep it with a belt.

Double husbandry was as common as gay priests - missionaries. Erotic life was often managed by the days of the week. But on Holidays ( and there were 150 each year), and on birthdays, or with sons departure to military service, or daughters wedding, threesomes were expected.

Rituals and Traditions from other Regions on Cactusia

The latest fashion in swimsuits was with open chest. And at the cocktail parties most wore them in white- Fashion Daily. Planet Cactusia. Milky Way galaxy 2360.

The ancient wisdom was written on the left side as you enter. Often in gold. But most apparent were the red gas clouds coming from within very stimulated women. And they were sun worshipers as one can see by their yellow tattoo.-"Daily Observer" - planet Cactusia. Milky Way galaxy. 2378

When one was receiving a red envelope in the mail, it was an invitation to a hot date. Although her eyelashes grew long at the opportunity, she decided to wear a light blue swimsuits to show as little interest as she could. But she went on the date anyway. Just to check out the candidate.
From " Rituals and traditions of the South " vol 3. by Pinkell Von Fuss. First edition. Planet Cactusia. 2345.
Self reliance was a women's choice in Deep South and Pappalechan Mountains region. And it was often performed on the clearings in parks or in the deserted area to prevent catching fire. Often apartment buildings went to ashes and fire marshals' official reports stated clearly the cause of fire.
From " Southern living " May 2348. Planet Cactusia. Milky Way galaxy.

In the month of May all the women from age 20 to 40 dyed their hair orange and wore invisible very expensive panties. With coming of a rain or wind everybody took of their tops and pulled on their nipples very hard with prays for good rains for their crops. It was one of the most ancient rituals on the planet and was written in silver ( which was more rare than gold ). Progressive thinkers were lobbying to abandon this pagan ritual for six generations now, but nothing got done. 
From " Capitol Hill Daily " May 2367. Planet Cactusia. Milky Way galaxy.
The whole room seem the get set on fire when she look in the morrow at home and realized she overpaid for this " see all skirt" - latest fashion from a trendy magazine add. She was ready to kill that guy who sold it to her, and the idea of the gun hang in hot red air. ( on the right )
From " Cosmopolitan " June 2348.- Dairies of the readers.

Brunets, and not all but with smaller chests had this rare quality, when during the eclipse their nipples appear to be bided with some sort of crystal. And they sparkle like diamonds. The gold necklace looked good on brunets.
The way they greeted each other before noon was by lifting from up. It was very convenient, especially in summer
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