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I paint to eat, I paint to live.
I paint to be myself.
I paint to see with painter's eyes.
I paint to breath the artist's air,
The air, the is all air.
And yet the journey of my own
Had left some trace with color
and the brush.
They call it Art.
I say this is my life
"Irish spring 2."
Acrylic on canvas, size 66" by 50", Created in 2008.

"Creation of Copper 3."
Acrylic on canvas,size 66" by 50" painted in 2007.

"Creation of Oxygen 2"
acrylic on canvas, size 66" by 50" painted in 2008

When I am into cosmology I don't care about any other art I ever 
And it comes as a surprise when friends, and collectors are more 
interested in older works.
My inspiration is in now moment.
What is real is now.
Now is the perfect time to be.
Past is an illusion.
And future is a fantasy and shall stay like that.
The future never comes the way you thought.
"Black hole 3"
acrylic on canvas, size 50" by 54" painted in 2007.

"Creation of Oxygen 3."
Acrylic on canvas, size 50" by 66" painted in 2008

"Creation of silica 3"
acrylic on canvas, size 20" by 24" painted in 2003.

One day I will start painting all unknown events in the Universe.
I am talking about the things we did not discover yet.
I am a creator of my own Universe, and it only makes sense to make up  my own stories.
The things I will paint are not completely crazy, they are logical  solutions to some physical phenomena we can't explain right now
"Kissing couple nebula"
acrylic on canvas,some textural elements, size 60" by 50"
painted in  2007

"Creation of Iron 4"
Acrylic on canvas, size 50" by 60" painted in 2007

"Orange comet and white dwarf star 2"
acrylic on canvas, size 54" by 50" painted in 2007.

No, I am not an abstract painter.
No, I am not a realistic painter.
I can't put my mind on who I am.
I suppose I have developed my own, bizarre point of view.
My own eye (third) on this world.
And this is what I paint.
But most important how I paint it.
"White torso nebula 3"
acrylic on canvas, size 66" by 50". painted in 2007.

White torso under black light White torso under black light  
My hidden writings are part of the creative process.
At first the blank canvas, gessoed or not is very challenging for me.
Yes it is inspiring but also caries a load of responsibility.
It's not easy to paint big.
To think big.
Not to be scarred of reality.
Life is a challenge.
And I take it by the horns.
Inpredictability is very common in this Universe we live in.
In fact 
it's all absolutely unpredictable.
One never know what is around the corner.
The one who is ready for all, is truly living life!
"Struggle for life 4"
acrylic on canvas, size 50" by 66" painted in 2009.

"Our galaxy 3"
acrylic on canvas, size 50" by 66" painted in 2008

"Shooting star 3"
acrylic on canvas, size 20" by 24" painted in 2004.

I believe in myself.
I believe in my infinite self.
Infinite and immortal.
Self is one, one is all there is.
The concept of infinity is very hard for me to comprehend.
How about you?
Well, we try to imagine it.
Paint it.
When I paint I let the infinity to work on me.
I let the paint flow as if it was painting itself.
I do choose color, and I do wipe things off.
And some days, when I can't let go, I do use brush a lot.
But essentially I let the painting paint itself.
And I am just a brush in
a Creator's hand.
"Irish spring 6"
acrylic on canvas, size 48" by 50" painted in 2008

"Organic life, the beginning 3"
acrylic on canvas, size 50" by 66" painted in 2008.

"Event Horizon 4"
acrylic on canvas, size 54" by 50" painted in 2003

Yes. I admit I am disorganized. And often don't pay attention to 
important things.
But the combination of all the knowledge I have picked up on the road of life makes me what I am.
The actual style of painting and the subject matters we choose to 
paint, it's all us.
Everyone is a unique and original person, with its' own experiences 
in life.
And the ways to talk about these events, the ways to paint.
How you paint things depends on who you are.
"Vivaldi's spring 3"
acrylic on canvas, size 54" by 50" painted in 2007

"Infinity at the center 3"
acrylic on canvas, size 50" by 54" painted in 2004
"Star shooting into the nebula 4"
acrylic on canvas, size 50" by 60" painted in 2007

This cosmic visions of space were painted flat on a floor to increase the power of gravity in workings of creation of truly detailed and complex statements I believe to be absolutely true.
The paintings were executed in a period from 2004 up until June 2013.
First touch on a canvas is a " hidden textural writing"- which might be in English, Russian or unknown "alien scrip". And sometimes it can be unknown symbols or double helix of our genetic code, or bindery code ( 1111000011100001110 ect ). At the completion of the painting these writings are visible only from the side angle.
Secondly I make a decision to paint a nebula with majority of one predominant color, lets say red, with presumption most of this cloud is made out of iron. I allow the colors to flow freely, however I control the shapes by putting objects under the canvas, so it doesn't flow out of control. Often I spray acrylic thickener on one part of the gas cloud, so it thickens faster than the rest, because I like what I am seeing. The dark space is not completely black close to the edges but softer off black color and often is made in to a "fabric of space and time". It is there where one can see blue shifted galaxies - flying towards us, and red shifted galaxies - flying away from us. It is only somewhere in the center of the canvas I apply deepest black. The metaphor of a black hole as a window to another dimension becomes transparent when I use 18K gold marker to write " unknown scripts" flowing out from the black hole and dispersing all around in " our dimension "
After weeks or may be month of looking at one painting I decide to make some color adjustments to minimize or optimize bring to balance or increase the expression of my ideas. All is based on my intuition and I can't explain this part of my creative process.
When I settle at this one daylight visible harmony I continue to develop another form of painting I have mastered for many years; My see in a dark painting. It can be visible only with a black light in complete darkness. The daylight elements are completely invisible but what one sees is; formulas from nuclear physics, mathematic, a verity of calculations for energy and cosmological science, chemistry, quotation from "Tao Te Ching", "Upanishads" and thousands of stars, all intermixed with human palm prints and foot prints.
The last but not least is my flash light visions. I have developed in the past three years. These elements are not visible at all but only on a picture taken with a flash photo camera. And I would rather not reveal in writing what they consist of.
In summary: I believe life did not originated on planet Earth but our Universe is rich with intelligent and simple forms of life. I also believe our genetic code is the long lost " Encyclopedia Galactica" and rather sooner than later we will decode the truth. The empty dark space is not empty at all but is stuffed with ancient massages, organic particles and occasional remanence of icy mountains ( comets ). The space itself has a strong gravitational pull and molds the shape of this Universe as we see it now. All i described above is one of my most passionate subjects matters i spend years on painting. I stand for my believes and ready to be burned at stake for them.

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