Size 50 by 66 acrylic on canvas 2008 to 2012. The painting on board got attached as a compositional solution, and it works.
I find this work very calm, and yet there is some microscopic but vibrant action between the plants.
New Flowers size 48 by 54"  

Size 44" by 54" acrylic on canvas
Heavy textures, tree branches, glass, gold leaf, invisible scripts


With the panties down With panties up, held by a wire.It shows an ancient cup. In black light, in total darkness

Size 24" by 20" acrylic on board, 2011 to 2012.
Those are the three ways to look at this painting:

Size 50 " by 66" acrylic on canvas,
Heavy textures, silver and gold leaf, glass, invisible writings
New flower painting - size 20 by 24" acrylic on board.
Day light
black light- in darkness