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Gleaning Laughter, Gleaning Light. . .

Mr. Arndt has performed this one man performance piece throughout the Country: from the Jean Cocteau Repertory in New York City, to Pennsylvania, Virginia and widely in South Florida. It is an exploration Of the healing attributes of the spoken word in what Mr. Arndt describes As "Vibrational Poetry". In this seventy minute performance John relates his journey into and beyond a wheelchair with his own poetry and the poetry of Whitman, Merwin, and many others. It is a tour de force that will leave you both breathless and exhilarated. As Ron Hayes of the Palm Beach Post describes it in an article in April 2000: while "John Arndt perform(ed) his one man show, Gleaning Laughter, Gleaning Light the poetry was interrupted several times by applause. . . at Flamingo Park Studios amid a series of painting titled Cracks in the Wall by Jack Barry". This is not over-intellectualized sermonizing but real words from real experience for real people. 

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