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Manifestations Of God

The sea day ends
Ocean pelting beach
Six foot swells pounding
A thunderstorm pouring out of itself.
Rainbows hang like sheets
Vast walls of melting color
The sun sets
Conflagrations of light.

From some hidden, well composed signal
The sea draws breath from lungs of sky
A tonnage of water exhales
In the eyes of a stranger
Rainstorms on water
Dolphins in surf 
Blossoms in a bursting sea.
I call to them, they come
Chasing bait fish from the reef
Catching them--Midair
Like acrobats feeding
In a show and tell of grace.

In my head I hear it
In my voice, my tongue
Pealing from the lightning
Rolling out of thunder
The faint smell of residue
My whole body chiming 
What waits, what's to come
What can never be known
All in that magnificent bell of sky.

Series of 250

Printed on Somerset archiving paper
Size 11" x 17"
Signed and numbered
shipping and Handling

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