Palm Beach Art

Irmeli Ylinen

When I begin to paint a new painting, I never have a finished image in my mind. Instead, the painting is
a process of listening and becoming sensitive to the painting's needs - a process that is very exciting to me.
In my native Finland, where nature is revered, one cannot help but grow up attuned to nature. Whether painting a landscape, a still life, or a portrait, I feel the force of nature in everything I paint.

I mainly paint in my studio from snapshot and sketches, and from my memory of the feeling the landscape first aroused in me. While trying to recreate the magic or energy of a scene, the painting develops independently. I concentrate on the painting's compositional, pictorial and emotional needs; adding, omitting and using my imagination and intuition to lead me to find what the painting wants to become. Thus the landscape begins to become alive with it's own identity, and energy. The painting holds me in it's spell, until I have completed it's requirements to become exactly what it desires to become.

My process of painting a still-life is similar to the way I paint a landscape, except that I paint from a still-life set up, which I do not paint until I feel as captivated as I do when painting a landscape. Often, the background of these paintings might start to remind me of a landscape or even have some surreal elements, in which case I try to push the image a bit further.