Palm Beach Art


Retro signs and buildings from Route One, South series. Also fruit trees from “Looking Up” series and cafes. Ongoing series of hand-tinted photographs. These are photographed with black and white film, printed, and then hand-colored traditionally (not with the computer).

The retro look of hand-tinted photographs complements these whimsical images and are reminiscent of times past. I hope you can find some comfort in them, as I do .

Route One, South series.

Tan, Don't Burn... Coppertone
12' x 8"
  Cafe Havana
11" x 14"
Laundry Lady
11" x 14"
Motel South Pacific
11" x 14"
Pawn Shop, Riviera Beach, FL
9" x 9"
Trailer Park
13" x 9"
10" x 10"
  From the Cafés series  
South Beach Cafe
11" x 14"
11" x 14"
  From Looking Up series  
Coconut Orgy
8" x 10"
Mangos in May
8" x 10"
Oranges in July
11" x 14"
Grapefruit in Gretta Yard Bananas on Margo's farm Ginger on Margo's farm

All of the above are hand-tinted silver prints
(hand colored black & white photographs)

Chromogenic (color photographs) prints from originals available in standard sizes.
Each print signed with edition number by the artist.
All prints are matted on 100% rag, acid free matboard.
Matted to 11" x 14"       $95
Matted to 16" x 20"     $140
Matted to 20" x 24"     $300

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