Palm Beach Art

Jane Tobal, Stone Carver

I find great peace in my sculpture studio, slowly watching as the stones each take on their own individual personalities. I think I gravitated to stone as my main source of expression because of its gentle, yet, determined pace. I love participating in the stones gradual unfolding; as it slowly succumbs to the chisels and rasps. I have often purchased a stone with a definite design in mind only to find the stone had something else in store. In my sculptures I search out the soft, quiet movement that is encapsulated inside of the cool, hard stone. I love discovering the undulating forms that are secreted away from view in the rough virgin rocks. I hope that you can enjoy the peace and beauty that each stone has chosen to reveal through my hands.

Vulnerable Heart

White Alabaster Stone; Size:

16” X 11’ X 9”:

The Hug

Beige Alabaster Stone:

Size: 11 ½” X 7” X 7”

Random Thoughts

Graphite colored African Wonder

Stone, Size:18” high, 10” wide, 8 ½” deep.
Loves Secrets

Pink Lace Alabaster

Size: 18” high, 14” wide, 13” deep.
Opposing Views

Verdigris Soap Stone,

Size: 9” X 4” X 4”