Palm Beach Art

Laura Ann Jacobs                               

No longer bound by constraints of clothing alone, women may now have the delightful pleasure of deforming themselves from the inside out. Where once ribs were merely moved around and internal organs forced together by outside MAN-ipulations, now ribs are removed, secondary sex characteristics are sucked up and out like so much fatty tissue, and orbic lobes of the new ideal replace God given natural bestowments...

Today's self-assertive, self-reliant, independent modern woman is more man made than ever before, still shaped by man's DIC-tates. The titles of Jacobs' pieces, integral to the works themselves, show that the paradoxical irony is not lost on this artist.

Everything is lifesize and made of fiberglass, glass, porcelain, shell, cloth...
Are you game

Slipper A Pill

Bras that pinch

Another evening owwwt

Don't bet on it.

A conch-scious she sell III: expecting

Skirting the issue

Survival of the fittest

The breast of both whorls

Dressed for Dinner Top drawer trappings of the bon ton Fit to be tried