Palm Beach Art

Nelson Corchado Valentin

Greatly influenced by the vibrant international art scene of Porto Rico and Miami, Nelson Corchado's works are reflective of both his deeply private life and his outwardly expressive personality. His innovative use of commonly available materials to express various states of the human mind and how it reacts to the different transitional stages of life, is his trademark signature. Each piece is unique and reacts to the specific moment in time that it was created.

"I crafted a piece of work last year for a close friend who is a detail oriented and intense person, I tried to capture his sense of creativity and spirit through the use of frenetic textures and the deep colors" says Nelson. This attention to detail can be seen throughout his ever evolving body of work. Even though the colors, shapes, sizes and the proportions of the pieces may change, the continuity of the expression remains consistent.

Blue Martini
12 X 24
Cobre (diptych)
29 X 30
24.5 X 49

Olimpic (Diptych)
18 X 49
Chiquito (Diptych)
24X 72
Couples (Diptych)
19 X 79

Connections (pentaptych-5)
48 X 72
Dos flores (diptych)
24 X 72
Reaching my point (triptych)
24 X 49