Palm Beach Art

Nelson Bio

Born in 1971, in the small coastal town of Isabela on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, artist Nelson Corchado Valentin started life with humble beginnings. "We didn't have much, but my mother instilled the idea into me that if you stayed in school and got an education, you would be a success..." says Nelson from his Cityside Studio in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Working is way to college on a track & field scholarship, Nelson was able to graduate from the University of Puerto Rico in San Juan, with a Bachelor Degree in Art & Education in 1994. It was is keen interest in the visual arts that would bring him to study Architecture at Florida Atlantic University after moving to Florida in 1999. Graduating in 2004, Nelson began his career as an Architect working at various high profile architectural firms throughout South Florida which eventually lead him to West Palm Beach where he currently resides. It is here where he also volonteers as an adjunct architectural professor at the local Community College."When I was in school, I was always building models, creating things, and finding new ways to express myself, so by helping out the next generation of students, I am also feeding my own desire to create,"